Refills through Wi-Fi Network in Mobile phone/Data Sim Card

I would like to propose user friendly feature to mobile company or Data Sim card designer to upgrade the technology which shall be inbuilt to stores/refills the internet data through Wi-Fi networks wherever it is available.

By adding this new feature in internet market will gives us continuous internet connectivity with cost control on additional date purchasing. This feature will act user/customer friendly that converts Wi-Fi internet data to phone network (internet) data, act as Refill facility and can be re-used with the same communication network.

There are three ways to implement/develop the above said technology.

1.      Introducing of net data storage card in built in mobile handset with some storage data capacity as rechargeable for specific communication.

2.      External Net data Sim card (like as memory card) to store/recharge/utilize for specific communication system.

3.      Introduction of phone application that can support to store Net data through Wi-Fi with some storage capacity.

Urge to developer team to find suitable solution for above mention concept.

Sure, we can optimize the monthly cost on mobile data and also this will boost the mobile/Data Sim market with new introduction as refilling technology and leads to world fast digitalization technology.